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Birla Century carries forward the rich legacy of Century Textiles & Industries, which has, over the last 100-plus years, earned the trust of millions of people all over the world for its commitment, punctuality, and quality.

Kota Textiles is 50 years old firm dealing in exclusive superfine cotton fabrics. The venture is Birla Century's Exclusive Showroom since 2002 and since then it is the most prestigious and largest cotton retail showroom of Kota. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction and we are following it since 1960.

The showroom is one of its kind and located in main high street of Kota. With a large space of 1000 sq.ft. and ample parking you get an awesome shopping experience.

We deal in Premium Cotton Shirting, Exclusive Cotton Suiting, Super whites for Kurta Pajama, Shirts and Trousers, Dress Materials, Bed sheets, Towels, Dhotis and more. Everything for Every need exclusively in Cotton or Linen Textile.

If you live in Kota or a tourist here do visit Birla Century's Exclusive Retail Showroom for Superfine Cotton Fabrics.

|| All About Best Cotton Fabrics

All fine dress shirts should be made of cotton, and even then, not all cotton are of the same quality. Ignore labels and just run your finger over the shirt fabrics, the cotton should feel fine and soft to the touch. Colors are also more defined and brighter on high quality cotton as compared to synthetics. In fact, the best cotton, Sea Island Cotton, a brand name owned by cotton growers in the West Indies, feels similar to silk.

In general, the smoother the cloth, the more formal and higher quality the shirt. The smoothness of the cloth also depends highly on the yarn numbers. Yarn numbers range from 30s found in cheap department stores to the common 80s used by better ready to wear makers to the super 200s. However, thin yarns are but one indicator of quality.